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From when we are simply infants, we are told by our parents and elders to reach for the stars, and succeed in everything we do. They tell us to do all we can to be the best we can be, and become a name that every household knows and loves. And, while it isn’t exactly as significant as Shakespeare, this blog is my way of doing exactly that! So, why not spend a few minutes of your time reading a few of my posts? You may even learn a thing or two from them!


From short stories to poems, become engulfed in some, or all, of my fictional pieces. Feel your blood run cold with fear, your skin crawl with disgust, or your face redden with happiness.


My non-fiction pieces includes articles and fact compilations, where you can find the most shocking, and sometimes the most hilarious facts on the internet.

Personal Posts

This all includes my most personal posts, where I speak to you on a real, human level…across a screen. I talk to you about why I started a blog, and my life with premature adrenarche and PCOS.

Stay faithful to the stories in your head

paula Hawkins

Writing is a way of escape, to flee from reality and become part of the world that you create, any world at all.

If it were not for writing, everything would be completely different. Everything would be dull.

About Me

Discover all about the author of Life of a Writer, Georiga, and her reason for starting this blog!

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